About Us


DongDo Pharmaceutical Limited Company was established in December 1998. We are specialized in pharmaceutical distribution in Vietnam.

At the beginning of our presence, we determined our mission is to improve Vietnamese health by unceasingly bringing model therapeutic solutions to Vietnam. Those are innovative, special, suitable solutions for Vietnam’s disease model. By doing that, we can help healthcare specialist to solve their problems and cure patients effectively.

Our strength is capability to provide products include medicines, probiotics, dietary supplements, medical devices from leading reputable firms in the world with outstanding quality in areas such as Nephro-Urology, Obstetrics, Gastroenterology, Neuroscience, Immunology, Pediatrics, Oncology…

During the existence of the company, from beginning to present, we are always considered as a pioneer in developing leading products in specialized therapeutic areas in Vietnam.

Thanks to the quality, effectiveness, and superior safety of our products, Vietnam’s consumers trust to accompany with us throughout the years with the brand has made a name of the company as products for pregnant women PM Procare, PM Procare Diamond; or products for patients with renal impairment such as Epokine, Newfactan for infants suffering from respiratory distress syndrome, Luotai for patients with stroke and ischemic…

We hope, the tireless efforts of Dong Do Pharmaceutical company will contribute to the healthcare system of the people of Vietnam, become a reliable brand that experts and patients.


1999: Building and development of the market share for the product group for patients with chronic renal failure, started with product names Epokine (Erythropoietin alpha)

2002: Building and development of the market share for the product group for pregnant women and children, started with product names PM Procare (DHA rich formulation for pregnant women); Newfactan (Bovine lung surfactant)…

2005: Building and development of the market share for the product group for patient with stroke, started with the product names Luotai (Panax notoginseng saponins).

2011: Building and development of the market share for the product group for Gastroenterology, started with the product names Viusid.

2013: Building and development of the market share for Immunology product group, started with products line of Yolk Immunoglobulin from Japan (Ovalgen) for Dental care, Flu prevention, H.pylori specific antibody.


To become a reputable company in pharmaceutical marketing and distribution in Vietnam.


Take care Vietnamese people’s health with effective – safe – affordable healthcare solutions.

Business philosophy

Our business is ran base on the Share Value. Each product, service of company has to share its’ value with Company, Partners, Physicians, Patients and Community.

Our products and services bring value to Company and Partners. Besides, they must solve therapeutic troubles of physicians. To patients, the products we develop must bring effectiveness, safeness and trust. To our community, our business will contribute to sustainable development.