Business Lines

PM H-Regulator – A safe and effective alternative for female health


PM H-Regulator contains Chaste Berry and Soy Isoflavone that is a unique formulation to assist with menstrual cycle problems including PMS, and with the management of menopause …

Taurolock – Antimicrobial catheter lock system


TauroLock™ contains anticoagulant and antimicrobial substances. It is to be used with a port or a catheter-based vascular access device….

Epokine prefilled injection


EPOKINE PREFILLED INJECTION 4,000 IU is a recombinant human erythropoietin, type-α, which is produced by CJ Corp., Korea. It is a glycoprotein hormone which stimulates ……….

GastimunHP – Anti H.pylori immunoglobulin


Helps strengthen the resistance against H.pylori. Supports and promotes a healthy stomach. Supports patients during treatment of gastritis and gastric ulcers due to H.pylori.

ITAMELAGIN – Vaginal Suppository


Itamelagin is a broad spectrum antifungal combined preparation which also exhibits activity against Trichomonas spp …..

Eckhart Q10


Eckhart Q10 is a supplement is used in situations of justified coenzyme Q10 deficiency, as adjuvant therapy to alleviate symptoms of chronic heart failure.

PM Procare Diamond – The superior pregnancy and breastfeeding formula


Helps meet the body’s increased nutritional demands prior to and during pregnancy, as well as after birth and during breastfeeding



Help prevent diseases relate to teeth and gum. Strengthen teeth and gum. Combine in treating and after treating gingivitis, tooth decay.

IgYGate DC-F


Help strengthen immune system and resistance against infections, prevent seasonal diseases. Help strengthen teeth.

Luotai Soft capsule


Antagonizecerebral ischemias, decrease cerebral apoplexy indexes induced by reperfusion injury of cerebral ischemia, relieve encephaledema …..

Luotai (Panax notoginseng Saponins – lyphilized powder for injection)


Panax Notoginseng Saponins lyophilized powder for Injection sterile frozen-dried powder

Newfactan ( Bovine lung surfactant 120 mg)


Newfactan is a drug for treatment of neonatal respiratory distress syndrome (RDS)

Leukokine – Filgrastim 300 mcg


Leukokine is a recombinant human protein via advanced DNA technology that stimulates the production of infection-fighting white blood cells called neutrophils…

PM Procare – Pregnancy and breastfeeding formula


Specially formulated for expectant and breastfeeding mothers to cope with the body’s increased nutritional demands. Beneficial preconception, during pregnancy and after childbirth …