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Chronic renal failure patients can be self-treated at home

Mr. Mai Hoang Lan (52, Phu Tho) had intended to resign regime when the hemodialysis cyclical at Bach Mai Hospital regularly forced him to miss many days at the agency. Chronic kidney disease of his 3 require dialysis for treatment. Patient can self-change infusion after receiving instruction of physician “So far as choosing peritoneal filter



What causes a stroke? Stroke is a disease that affects the blood vessels that supply blood to the brain. A stroke occurs when a blood vessel that brings oxygen and nutrients to the brain bursts (hemorrhagic stroke) or is clogged by a blood clot or some other blocks (ischemic stroke due to locally). When faults


Dealing with dementia in the elderly

Dementia (SSTT) is determined by memory impairment, loss of judgment, disorientation and cognitive disorders. SSTT can occur in middle age or earlier as a result of oxygen deprivation, trauma, infection, tumors and neurological diseases like Parkinson’s. SSTT not just a matter of the physician but also a problem of the whole society. Dementia – The


Myelosuppressive toxicity of chemotherapy

Chemical treatment of cancer may affect normal bone marrow cells. The degree of influence of each chemical to bone marrow depends on many factors such as age, level of conservation of the bone marrow, affecting the level of the previous chemical treatments and nutritional status of patients. In many cases, bone marrow suppression is dose