PM H-Regulator – A safe and effective alternative for female health


PM H-Regulator contains Chaste Berry and Soy Isoflavone that is a unique formulation to assist with menstrual cycle problems including PMS, and with the management of menopause …

ITAMELAGIN – Vaginal Suppository


Itamelagin is a broad spectrum antifungal combined preparation which also exhibits activity against Trichomonas spp …..

PM Procare Diamond – The superior pregnancy and breastfeeding formula


Helps meet the body’s increased nutritional demands prior to and during pregnancy, as well as after birth and during breastfeeding



Spermotrend is designed to boost infertile males sperm count, volume and concentration of the semen, while enhancing sexual desire and satisfaction

PM Procare – Pregnancy and breastfeeding formula


Specially formulated for expectant and breastfeeding mothers to cope with the body’s increased nutritional demands. Beneficial preconception, during pregnancy and after childbirth …