GastimunHP – Anti H.pylori immunoglobulin


Package: 10 sachets/box; 4g/sachet.

Composition: Each sachet contains IgY antibody from Egg yolk powder (OvalgenHP): 1g, Excipients: 3g.

Net weight: 40 g/box

Indication: Helps strengthen the resistance against H.pylori. Supports and promotes a healthy stomach. Supports patients during treatment of gastritis and gastric ulcers due to H.pylori.

Subject to use: Adults and children under treatment of gastritis and gastric ulcer can use the products together with medicines to enhance therapeutic effects (especially in case of drug resistance). People who are positive with H.pylori without showing any clinical symptoms can also use the product.

Dosage and administration: Stir 1 sachet in about 50-100 ml water then swallow all, drink 2 sachet a day during or after meal.

  • Patients undergoing treatment for gastric ulcer due to H.pylori: use 2 sachets per day for 14-30 days (depending on treatment protocol) together with prescription medicines.
  • Patients positive with H.pylori but not having clinical symptoms: use 2 sachets per day for 4-6 weeks in combination with PPI.
  • Patients having drug-resistant H.pylori can continue using GastimunHP for 7-15 days every month (1 sachet per day) to help enhance stomach immunity and reduce risk of gastritis development.


  • People having allergy to chicken egg or any ingredient in the products should not use.
  • This products is not medicine and not intended to replace medicines for treatment of diseases.
  • If there are any side effects, stop using the products and consult opinions from medical professionals.

Storage: Store below 30 degree Celcius, in a dry place.

Shelf-life: 24 months. Manufacturing date and expiry date are on the box.

Manufactured by: EW Nutrition Japan K.K.

Add: 839-7 Sano, Gifu city, 501-1101, Japan

Tel: (81)582357303          Fax: (81)582357505

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