1. Composition: Glucosamine 666 mg, Malic acid 666 mg, Glycyrrhizinic acid 33 mg, Zinc sulphate 5 mg, Arginine 666 mg; Glycine 333 mg; Vitamin C 20 mg; Calcium pantothenate 2mg, Vitamin B6 0,6 mg ; folic acid 66 mg, Vitamin B12 0,3 mg .

2. Presentation and Packaging : Box with 21 sachets or 90 sachets

3. Action: – Increase the immunological defence, anti-oxidant.

4. Indication:

  • Patients suffer from Influenza A and B; coronavirus, adenovirus such as respiratory or eye infections, dengue, Varicella zoster, herpesvirus, Roseola,HIV…
  • Patients with hepatitis B, hepatitis C ;
  • Drug-induced liver diseases (such as chemotherapy for cancer patients, stations for hyperlipidemia, diabetic oral drug)
  • Toxins-induced liver injury
  • Liver cancer; Fatty liver disease; Liver dysfunction, cirrosis, cholestatic liver disease.

5. Administration: Viusid should be taken after meals, dissolved or diiluted in drinking water, fruit juice or milk.

Adults: 1 (one)  – 3 (three) sachets of Viusid per day

Children over 6 years of age: 1 ( one ) -2 (two) sachets per day.

Duration of Treatment: 7-10 days for those patients suffer from Influenza A and B; coronavirus,adenovirus,roseola , dengue, varicella zoster, herpesvirus, …

For other cases, Treatment should last at least three months. Viusid can be used for longer periods of time without any harmful effects.

Note:VIUSID should not be used beyond the expiry date printed on the package . Donot use if there is any allergy to any ingredient in the the product.

This product is not medicine and not intended to cure diseases

  1. Side effects: the side effects of Viusid are mild and transient, often resolving by the second week of administration. They include abdominal discomfort.

7 . Shelf-life:  3 years from the date of manufacturing.

  1. Manufacturer : Catalysis S.L. (Spain)
  2. Certificate No: 8032/2012/YT-CNTC

VIUSID – active mechanism

Several studies also have shown that the degradation of the immune system and oxidative stress (increasing the levels of free-radicants at liver cells caused by different mechanisms) are highly related to pathological and degenerative procesees in chronic liver disease. Oxidative stress contributes to the degradation of the immune system and also acts in viral replication in infected cells.  

VIUSID is a formulation with properties of the increase of the immunological defences, antioxidant and anti-virus, an ideal complement for preventing the replication of both DNA and RNA viruses such as herpervirus, HIV, influenza A and B, coronavirus,adenovirus, roseola Varicella zoster, dengue, hepatitis B and C as well as  treatment liver diseases.

The product of Viusid , composed of specific antioxidants and manufactured by molecular activation procedure. The activated specific antioxidants in Viusid act as oxidative inhibitors bloking oxidative stress as well as bloking  the degradation of the immune system and viral replication.

Active mechanism of  some major ingredients in Viusid include:

Glycyzzhizinic  acid (GA):

  • GA extracted from the roots of Glycyzzhiza glabra with antiviral and antioxidant properties. GA increase the production of viral cyclin , which induces the selective death of the cells infected by the virus as a consequence of the reactivation of p53and the activation of mitochondrial apoptosis. GA stimulates interleukine-12 production in macrophages, which facilates the development of helper T lymphocytes in the cell-mediated immune response.
  • In addition, GA induces interferon production, which promotes the activation of macrophages and as a consequence an increase in their phagocytic and destructive properties against microorganisms
  • Glucosamin: strong anti- viral, antioxidant and immunomodulatory properties.
  • Acid malic : antioxidant and antiviral activity

When activated, the glycyrrhizinic acid and the other antioxidants contained in Viusid increase their antioxidant and antiviral capacity against viruses such as hepatitis B virus , hepatitis C virus, herpervirus, HIV, influenza A and B, coronavirus,  adenovirus, roseola ,Varicella zoster, dengue,…  Essential amin acids such as Arginine, Glycine contained in VIUSID make possible the nutritional development appropriate for the increase of immunological defences . VIUSID also provides the vitaminic elements necessary to avoid anemic proceses such as Folic acid, Vitamin B12.

Manufactured by: CATALYSIS, S.L.
Macarena, 14. 28016. Madrid.
Telephone: +34 913 456 902
Fax: + 34 913 459 725

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