Symposium “Optimizing treatment outcomes of assisted reproduction”

From March 18 to March 20, 2016, Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Dong Do held the annual symposium with the theme “Optimizing treatment outcomes assisted reproduction”. With the participation of experts from the Vietnam Central Obstetrics Hospital, Central Obstetrics Hospital of provinces across the country, Cho Ray Hospital, Maternity Hospital Mekong… The symposium succesfully took place at Luang Prabang View Hotel, Luang Prabang, Lao People’s Democratic Republic.

Symposium of PM Procare in lao 2016

 Theme of 2016 symposium of PM Procare brand

Two speakers were invited to the symposium to share knowledge, experience of medical practice are Dr. Nguyen Xuan Hoi, Director of the Center on cord blood stem cells, the Center assisted reproduction countries – the Central Obstetrics Hospital; Dr. George Thouas, Monash University, Australia.

The symposium has the following contents:

  • “Personalization in vitro fertilization”, Dr. Nguyen Xuan Hoi, director of the center on cord blood stem cells, the Center assisted reproduction countries – the Central Maternity Hospital
  • “The role of micronutrients to health of women before conception, during pregnancy and lactation”, Dr. George Thomas, of Monash University, Australia.
  • “Presentation on the PM Procare and PM Procare Diamond brand – Superior supplement choice for women before pregnancy, during pregnancy and lactation”Master. Pharmacist Nguyen Thanh Huong – Head of Product Development of Dong Do Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
  • Discussion
  • Closing remarks, Dr.Pharmacist Nguyen Khoa Dieu Hang, CEO of Dong Do Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


Dr. Nguyen Xuan Hoi presenting “Personalization in vitro fertilization”

After more than 4 hours of discussion on professional, doctors have exchanged a lot of knowledge about assisted reproduction, increase fertility success, especially in women who have to use assisted reproduction measures such as pumping sperm into the womb, in vitro fertilization …. Dr. Nguyen Thi Hong Minh, former Director of Counseling Center for Reproductive health and Birth control – Central Obstetrics Hospital raised many questions about the issue of sperm injected into the uterus to be more effective. Dr. Hong Minh also complimented “symposium provided useful information and valuable experience in the field of assisted reproduction. Symposium held by Dong Do Pharmaceutical Company always bring valuable experience for attendees”


Dr George Thouas presenting on the

“The role of micronutrients to health of women before conception, during pregnancy and lactation”

The presentation of Dr. George Thomas and Ma.Pharmacist Nguyen Thanh Huong also devoted much attention from the real specialist. Dr. George emphasized the importance of the addition of standardized DHA/EPA with ratio similar to that in breast milk (4:1), this ratio is considered to be the golden ratio to supply for women during pregnancy and lactation. This golden ration of DHA/EPA is similar to DHA/EPA ration in PM Procare and PM Procare Diamond. In addition, folic acid supplements at a dose of 400-500 mcg per day is needed to increase the likelihood of implantation, pregnancy rate, as well as preventing the risk of neural tube defects.


Dr. Nguyen Thi Hong Minh discussing measures to increase the effectiveness of artificial insemination

Besides nutritional supplementation before pregnancy to increased fertility, prepared for the best baby nourished and supplements during pregnancy is extremely important but many women are ignoring. Studies have proven: Vitamin D reduces the risk of infection, increased immunity, learning abilities in children, reduce the risk of postpartum depression; Omega 3 (DHA/EPA) to help increase awareness children, reduce postpartum depression. And there are many other nutrients have a positive impact to the mother after delivery, improve the quality of breast milk and thus affect the development of the baby.


Commemorative photo of obstetrics experts and PM Procare representatives

Symposium held by PM Procare brand has left many a positive impression, compliment of leading Obstetrics experts in Vietnam.

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